Monday, 24 January 2011

Volturi Palace Socks

These are the fourth socks in the When Vampires Knit Socks club

This sock is inspired by the room in which Bella meets the Volturi after travelling to Italy to save Edward. It is not described in detail in the book, but the set which was designed and built for the film draws on Tuscan Renaissance architecture with cream and green marble, columns and clean lines. The light, airy space is a contrast to the dark and dangerous Aro. These socks have green toes which have curves leading in to the cream marble columns and carvings. The cuff has a pattern inspired by the one of the tiled patterns on the floor of the chamber.

I really enjoyed knitting these, I love Italy and one of my favourite places is Florence, these socks also remind me of some of the interiors there.

This weekend is Christmas for my family because some of us were away for the actual day, there will be turkey, crackers, stockings and presents. I have knitted for everybody - I feel like if I'm going to knit for one, I should knit for all, I'm lucky they all appreciate hand-knits and I know they will know how much love (and work!) went in to each gift. At this point I am one sock and one arm-warmer short but if worst comes to worst they will have at least something to open while I spend the day furiously knitting!

When the gifts have been opened I'll take photos and I will show you them next week!