Thursday, 8 November 2012

Carlottina Socks

The Carlottina sock pattern that I designed for the Magpielly Sock Club is now available:


The pattern has a cables and texture and an afterthought heel, this pattern is ribbed so it hugs the leg for a great fit.

You can get it on Ravelry here or


They are knitted with Brown Sheep Wildfoote Sock Yarn, which is a lovely sock yarn, woolly and hardwearing but also soft. You can get it from Magpielly, I'm rather drawn to the gunsmoke and the lightening lemon.

In other news, yesterday I asked my son to climb a tree, put some socks on and make his feet look pretty so I could take photos. He did this without question, as if it was a completely normal and reasonable request.

This gives an indication of what his life is like living with me and my knitting.