Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Last Saturday was Eurovision - one of the highlights of the year for me and many others! There's nothing else quite like it, Eurovision is strange and magical beast that never fails to provide an evening of entertainment.

This year I noticed Superknits had some Eurovision inspired self-striping sock yarn and I bought one called 'My Lovely Horse'(Father Ted reference).


There were many fantastic moments and catchy tunes in this years contest, including a moonwalking bagpipe player and of course Jedward:

Sweden and Loreen were the worthy winners (lets not talk about the UK entry, it's better forgotten) and maybe Ellie predicted the victory when she knitted this fantastic Loreen:

I didn't get very far with my Eurovision socks but I love the way the yarn is knitting, especially the little bit of tonal variation in the turquoise stripe and the way that contrasts with the solid grey one.


Roll on next year! (and lets hope I've finished these socks by then!)