Tuesday, 7 September 2010

I'm not a domestic goddess - but I am trying...

This is juice I made with stuff which grew in the garden - apples and pears (they grow by themselves every year, I don't have to do anything) and beetroot (I planted the seeds and grew these on purpose).

This is the first year I have tried to grow vegetables in a semi-proper fashion and it has been a success (kind of). I have learnt some valuable lessons and will be better next year.

Carrots, beetroot, radish, salad leaves, cucumber, courgette and green beans were the winners.

Kale and broccoli were annihilated by caterpillars.

I left it too late for butternut squash and runner beans and I'm not sure these are going to be big enough before the cold weather comes.

The jury is out on the peppers and aubergines.

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