Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Here we are, at the beginning of all things.....

Well maybe not all things, but certainly my sock knitting.

Just before Christmas I ordered and recieved a copy of the long awaited Knit. Sock. Love. It is a beautiful book. There are some patterns in the book which I have already knitted and the most significant of these is Monkey - the first socks I ever knitted were a pair of Monkeys and before I had turned the first heel (which was a truly magical experience) I knew I was going to knit A LOT more socks (and I was right). The pair of socks above were the result, they were a success, they fit me and I still really enjoy wearing them.

When I was looking through the book, and at various points throughout the following days and weeks, I had an urge to knit another pair, as a nostalgic homage to the beginning of my sock knitting obsession. As a general rule, I don't knit the same pattern twice, too many patterns - not enough knitting time, but the thought of knitting another pair of Monkeys niggled at me and I decided to break my rule (there are no knitting police and all that). I chose yarn, then I changed my mind and chose again, then I thought my new choice was too close to the colour of the original pair so I chose again, wound my yarn (it is The Knitting Goddess 4ply merino nylon in the colour Looks Like December, a club yarn from last year) and took them to New York as a travel friendly project.

This is a lovely pattern, simple enough but interesting enough and I am looking forward to wearing my new pair as much as the old pair

Incidentally, this was not the pattern which made me want to start knitting socks, but that, as they say, is a story for another day.....


  1. Have you seen there's a K.S.L. knitalong on Ravelry? Come and join us!

  2. I'm off to investigate that book, sounds good x