Thursday, 20 October 2011

This is skirt knitting weather.....

Autumn is here! This is the season where knitters come in to their own, all the hats, scarfs, shawls, gloves and mittens get worn. AND THEN there's the actual garments.

Which I have failed to knit.

I've got several on the go, I just haven't finished any.

I really want to rectify this woeful situation so a couple of weeks ago, when it started to get a bit chilly, I cast on a Lanesplitter Skirt.

As it turned out, nature was going to have a little joke this year: 'Autumn you say?? Ok....... NOT REALLY! Have a week of hot weather, just to confuse you!'. So I put it down for a while - it was too hot to sit with what looks like a tiny wool blanket on my lap. Now it is really cold (we could have snow in two weeks) I love sitting with a mini blanket on my lap!


I'm knitting with Noro Kureyon, my Dad gave me 10 balls for Christmas last year (he presented himself in a yarn shop and asked for 'Enough wool for a jumper please.') and in the hope of getting more yarn this year I though I'd better use it. This is my first Noro experience and I love the rustic proper woolly wool feel of it.... the knots - not so much. They seem to come out of nowhere and have to be undone, I don't mind the colour sequence being disrupted because the stripes hide that but the volume of knots is irritating.


This is great pattern, easily adjusted to different lengths and it's going to keep me toasty warm!


  1. Wow! How come I have never seen this before? I feel the need for more wooly clothes in my life at the mo.

  2. I think it's so sweet that your daddy bought you yarn. Those are the best when they buy you something you really really like to do. I remember my dad taking me to the mall to buy me stamps when the store was closing.

  3. I love this design! My LYSO has one and I always admire it. I'm currently knitting a Noro sweater dress, and I think I've been lucky. Although I've had a few knots, there haven't been too many. Look forward to seeing you wearing it!

  4. Kudos to your dad for buying you yarn, and enough for a sweater...even more awesome :)

    I bought some Noro for this skirt last spring, I should get to it so that way I can buy myself some more yarn, lol!

  5. Oh, so looking forward how you do with this. I've been eyeing that pattern ever since it came out.

  6. Wow! Amazing pattern and i'm impressed that your dad chose that yarn so well!