Thursday, 8 December 2011

Van Gogh loves socks...

I haven't got enough handknit socks. Which is completely ludicrous because I spend most of my life knitting them, but many of them are samples and have to either be sent off or kept pristine for shows or events. At this very moment I'm waiting for a pair to dry on the radiator so i can wear them later.

In an attempt to rectify this I am undertaking a personal challenge to knit myself at least 8 pairs next year and I'm going to use the Opal Van Gogh yarns which are sooooooo pretty. I've knitted a monster/stripy sock for Kayla at Fibre Flurry to display in the shop (it's hard to see what these yarns will do in the ball) and I love it:


These are kind of self striping/self patterning yarns, each one is inspired by a specific Van Gogh painting and I'm going to knit plain stockinette socks with black cuffs, heels and toes.


If I had to chose a favourite (and I really do love every colour) it would be the second stripe, I love the yellows and blues.


You can see the famous Sunflowers represented here and just above it is the Starry, Starry Night. I'm notoriously bad at sticking to personal challenges but I am determined to do this one - I'll keep you updated with my progress throughout 2012!


  1. This is the coolest thing ever!
    I had no idea there was Van Gogh sock yarn! Of course it would be Opal that did it :)
    Each color is so beautiful- what a great idea to do stripes. I'm seriously really excited about making my own secret artist socks. ♥

  2. Very cool sock yarn. My knitting is currently using some Opal as well but not as fancy as yours. I'll have to remember Opal.

  3. These look that yarn!