Thursday, 26 January 2012

Happy Socks and a Van Gogh Update!

I finished these stripy socks:


The yarn is Goth Socks Strychnine in a club colour I got from a destash called 'Little Birdhouse in your Soul' which was inspired by this song, one of my absolute favourites!

The patterns is just a plain stockinette sock with a heel flap, I cut and rejoined the yarn after the heel turn to keep the stripes intact.


Happy socks = Happy feet.

When these were finished I cast on for my first pair of Van Gogh socks. I love this yarn, it's not as soft as some other sock yarns but I've heard it wears well and I can't tell you how much I love the colours and the clever way it's dyed to look like a painting.


I think that I'll be able to reach the heel at Knit Night tonight, these are perfect 'social' knitting, nothing to mess up because you're too busy talking to pay attention to your knitting!


  1. Oh I love the first pair. It reminds me of that Van Gogh painting of the hayfield. (I know the second one is supposed to be Van Gogh but the first reminds me more of his works.)

  2. I love the happy socks and Van Gogh. Fab!!

  3. Aloha, super awesome sock designer. An award awaits you over at my blog.