Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Knit Nation - Part 4 Lacy edgings and a snowflake in July

Ok this is the last Knit Nation post - truthfully I should have finished them all earlier but I got a horrible cold and the kids have been off school and lots of other excuses......

My final class on Sunday afternoon was Lace Edgings: Before, After and During with Franklin Habit. I think this was my favourite class of all. We started by adding lace edges to a garter stitch rectangle using mattress stitch and herringbone stitch and then by picking up stitches on the rectangle and knitting the edging on. My sample is a bit of a mess and there are a bajillion ends but I liked the results - especially with the mattress stitch.


Then we began to knit a Stupid Little Snowflake. This was the result, it is cute but more than that - it's clever.


It's really clever. The point of knitting this is that really it's a tiny little shawl, the lace edging is knit alongside the body of the shawl. I was intrigued by the possibilities of the concept but I needed to size it up to cement it in to my mind...


This is beginning of my Stupid Little Snowflake thinks it's a scarf, I'm using some Malabrigo Lace from my stash I had intended to knit for my Mother in Law so this will be her Christmas present - Yes, I said Christmas in August. Yes, I know thats ridiculous.


  1. Very cool. Always fun to learn something new yeah?

  2. I'm thinking about the 'C' word too at the moment but you are way ahead of me! What a lucky Mother in Law

  3. That looks like a fabulous class. I want to take it, too!