Friday, 5 August 2011

Naturally Beautiful

Yesterday I went to the Natural Dye Studio trunk show at Fibre Flurry


This is the sight that greeted my when I arrived at Knit Night. All their yarn is dyed using natural dyes (you might gather that from the name) and it's beautiful, lovely subtle shades and some more vibrant colours. My personal favourites are the semi solids but there are also some very lovely variegated skeins and there was such a wide variety of bases and weights, lace, sock and DK, there was lots of talk of hats, shawls and hitchhikers!


This lovely skein of sock yarn came home with me, its purple with just a hint of pinkness and I'm going to use it for the Solid Socks purple month in October

Knit Night was busier than ever due to the irresistible pull of the lovely yarn, I met lots of new people and I really hope they come again, one of the things I really love about Knit Night is seeing what everyone else is knitting, last night there were some amazing pooling socks, a lovely mustard vest and a lace weight cardi in the most fabulous green.


I had a chat or two with the Amanda and Phil, who answered all my daft questions with a smile on their faces, Amanda also had some of gorgeous pattens and samples on display - yet again I find myself longing to learn how to crochet......

These blankets were my favourites and if I could crochet blankets would be the first thing I would learn how to make.


My crochet blanket envy began when I saw the lovely blankets my Rav friend Tash has created:

These 2 are my favourites and one of these days I will sit down with my hook and really really try to conquer it! (Or maybe I will wait for one of the workshops taking place at Fibre Flurry)

(Also how cute is Tash's little girl holding the blanket for the photo????)


  1. The yarn was fabulous,I bought some 2 ply shimmer and got a crochet scarf pattern - should keep me busy for a bit
    You should give the crochet a go!

  2. OMGosh! I'd be in heaven there!

  3. I am in their Yarn Club and I have not yet been disappointed! But this looks fab!

  4. Thanks Coop, what a lovely surprise :-)
    One of our members pointed me in your direction and I'm glad I found you.
    We had a great night and thanks to everyone for coming and making it a very enjoyable and successful event.

  5. I was sorry to have missed it! but probably just as well I didn't go! there'd have been nothing left! I think I may have grabbed the lot and RUN out over the GREEN with it all!
    Sue xx

  6. Oh, I love NDS! And I can definitely recommend learning to crochet... I couldn't 'get it' for years, until a fellow left-hander showed me. Certainly a 'OOOH. Is that all it is? :) ' moment! It does open up a world of yarny possibilities :)