Friday, 23 March 2012

Dark & Twisty socks - Bellatrix Lestrange

A while ago I was asked to design some socks for the Biscotte club, the theme was Harry Potter as the packages were going out about the same time as the last film in the series was being released. I'm a big Harry Potter fan, I read all the books, saw all the films (several times) and I chose Bellatrix as my inspiration - there's something about a character with absolutely no redeeming features! I'm also totally in love with Helena Bonham-Carter and all her films.


These socks are dark and twisty with lace, cables and twisted stitches, they are also beautiful and bewitching like a poisonous flower.


You can get the pattern on Ravelry here or

The yarn is Biscotte Felix which is 80% merino and 20% nylon but feels like a cashmere blend - it's really lovely yarn and the colours are beautiful. There is a French translation of the pattern courtesy of Louise.The lovely Mary of Hugs For Your Head was a member of the club and took some photos which show the detail slightly better than my own efforts:

This is a pattern that does require a bit of concentration but the results are worth it, I promise!


  1. You must design more HP socks!

  2. They are gorgeous! If only I wasn't such an inept knitter!

  3. They are gorgeous and a beautiful colour too!

  4. they're amazing. Awesome work and great color choice.