Monday, 23 April 2012

3KCBWDAY1 Colour Lovers

I do love colour, pretty much all colours (I've got a tiny problem with pink but I'm trying to overcome it) but my current colour obsession is still yellow.

I've talked quite recently about my love for yellow but luckily I've got even more yellow yarn to show you:


The obscenely bright ball of acrylic on the left was chosen by my sister, she wants a hat, people will see her coming from miles away (it's probalby better that way anyway). Next is a skein of Wollmeise which leans towards orange, then a lovely skein of Knitting Goddess with flashes of green and orange and finally a ball of Excelana which I love as much for the colourway name (powdered egg) as the delicate pastel shade. I'm trying to demonstrate that I love yellow in all it's permeations and shades, I love it completely and unconditionally.

Since I last blogged about yellow I started knitting this cardigan:


It's Miette by Andi Satterlund and I'm using Cascade 220, this cardigan will coordinate with the majority of my wardrobe and I've decided that if a knit a navy cardigan after this one and then a grey one after that, all my future wardrobe dilemmas will be solved! (Let's suspend reality just long enough to pretend I will finish one, never mind 3 garments).


  1. What's this Cascade220 colourway called? It surely is great.

  2. I'm not usually drawn to yellow but the yellow you chose for Miette is gorgeous!

  3. That cardigan colour is gorgeous!

  4. Heh heh, I've been reading so many of these kcbw posts and yours is the first that says that they LOVE yellow! Yay yellow!

  5. It is refreshing to read that you love yellow ... it can be an unforgiving color but in your hands, it's beautiful! Not sure if you read but if you don't, check it out. She's doing a Miette KAL right now and has awesome notes.

  6. Your sista is hilarious! Wow is she a bold character or what wantin' that neon yarn for her beanie?
    Can't wait to see your cardi on you.

  7. If I can, you can bloody finish it too!
    Looking lovely so far x

  8. I just found you via ravelry and am enjoying your blog as well. I avoided pink for a decade and now I can't get enough of it. Funny how that happens. I don't think I have a favorite color though... love them all too much! I'm primarily a visual artist ( or but obsessed with knitting now. I was curious, did you draw the picture on this blog? It's great!

  9. What is that neon yellow?? And WHERE did you get it?! I've been searching for neon yellow yarn FOREVERRR now lol.