Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Three's A Crowd

When I went to Wonderwool I bought 2 new spindles, one lovely wooden one and one inexpensive CD & dowel one. Because I am completely weak and empty spindles make me itch, I did the spinning equivalent of CAST ON ALL THE THINGS and now this is the situation I find myself in:


On the end is my orange spinning for socks, I really want to get this finished before Tour de Fleece (ever the optimist).


This is my lovely new spindle, I can't remember the name of the vendor but it spins really nicely. The fibre is from the Hilltop Cloud club, it's blossom-inspired and very pretty!


This the CD spindle, I bought it mainly for plying, I'll be able to fit more on to it so I won't end up with lots of little skeins, it's not great for spinning on but this fibre is AMAZING. It's Easyknits punk fluff, the colours are impossible to predict, I'm really excited about it but I might have to change spindles.

In my head it's totally reasonable to get one of these finished before 30th June so I can start something else for Tour de Fleece, in reality I keep doing a little bit on each so nothing will get finished, let's all hope for a miracle.


  1. The vendor for your spindle was IST Crafts, I got one from them as well :-)

  2. What fun to have different spindles. Fun roving there!