Wednesday, 12 December 2012

I need a tree

I love Christmas and I love Christmas trees. I just haven't got one.

I had a Christmas tree once but I lent it someone a few years ago when we were going abroad for Christmas and I'm not sure it came back.

I'm a Christmas nomad, I travel from house to house, all the houses I visit have trees, they are my adoptive trees.

Last year I went to my sisters for Christmas, I took my For the Tree samples for her tree, she wanted to keep them and I love her so I said yes.


This year I made some more for a swap, I rather like the colour scheme I used for these and I picked up some felt decorations to go with them.


Then I made some Minikins. These are too cute and super quick to make.


I gave them to someone who I will be apart from at Christmas as a reminder of how much I will miss them.

Now this ornament is different. I can't give it away. Jen made it for me and I love it so much.


There are so many details, the mittens are different on the front and back, the collar and pockets are adorable. This is the ornament that will make me buy a tree.


  1. You DO need a tree! And not only to hang the coat on... Those knitted ornaments are adorable too. :)

  2. you definitely need a tree, what gorgeous decorations. love the post. x

  3. I want tree socks !!!And Tree Hats ...*sigh*