Tuesday, 8 January 2013


I'm really good at making resolutions. REALLY good.

I'm not as good at actually doing the things I resolve to do. I'm going to make some for 2013 anyway, they're quite realistic, I hope I achieve them.

1. I want to knit 3 garments. Wanderer Cardigan, Beatnik and Goodale.

I've got yarn for all 3 in my stash:


So two cardigans and one jumper, two items knit in pieces and one knit in the round. A good mix I think.

2. I want to knit one For the Tree mini stocking a month, I'll be adding more variations to the pattern along the way and I'll have 12 by December.

3. To spin a little bit (almost) every day. I started doing this at the end of December and it is going swimmingly. It turns out stuff gets done if you actually DO it, who knew?

4. To continue with my Van Gogh socks - I would really like to finish all 8 pairs this year, so far I've finished 1 pair and 1 and bit of the second pair.


These are my personal goals, there are lots of exciting professional things happening in 2013 - more on that soon!


  1. Wowzers! That sounds like quite a lot of knitting to me... ;)
    The garment patterns are all absolute winners though. And doing a wee stocking a month sounds eminently do-able. (Things that sound do-able sometimes turn out not to be though, don't they?!)
    All excellent resolutions!
    I'm doing well with my resolution to "go with the flow"... which at the moment seems to have translated into cast on ALL. THE. THINGS! (What better way is there to start the year?)

  2. Yay! You can do it! *waves pompoms*