Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Skill +1UP - 2KCBWDAY2

I'm going to talk about a skill I tried to learn - and failed.


When I went to Fibre Flurry in October I took a spinning workshop, (I blogged about it here), to sum it up - I wanted to be good at it. I wasn't. I was ready to give up.

Then I got a lot of support on Twitter (where I was moaning about being a spinning dunce) to have another go, mainly from Megan who runs The Thylacine, she sells seriously beautiful fibre. I joined her fibre club and built up a little stash of fibre, I watched LOADS of you tube videos, I had another go..... and failed again.

Still more encouragement came from Megan, she sent me some little samples that were perfect for beginners and encouraged me to try spinning on a wheel because using a spindle isn't for everyone. I'm sad I didn't get to meet her in person before she moved back to Australia.

Then I got really busy designing various things and the spinning got put to one side. I am determined to learn how to spin though, I'm going to take another beginners workshop at Knit Nation in the summer and find a way of trying out a wheel, maybe Father Christmas will read this and I'll find a wheel under the tree this December....


  1. I struggled with spinning on a drop spindle at the start, watched loads of you tube stuff, made some super chunky mess and tucked it away in a stash box for a few months. It was easier the next time and after a while I was hooked. I have a wheel now too although I still need a lot of practise. I find something that helps is to divide the roving until it is really thin (pencil thin or thinner) so there is not much drafting to do as you go, then you can get the hang of the spinning first and the drafting second.
    You have some gorgeous fibres to play with.

  2. Oh no I really want to learn and fear I am just not capable, everyone says its easy but it looks sooo tricky and I suspect I just can't do this! Maybe we should make a can't spin support group, where we can pretend that spinning is a really pants thing to do anyway!

  3. I have spun on a spindle and was getting reasonable at it. Nothing you would choose to knit with, but I was getting twisted yarn like objects. Then I started to get a bit more sick and had to give it up as it was a bit too physical. I suspect I could be ok on a spinning wheel, but I KNOW I can't afford another crafting hobby, my wallet and my store cupboards couldn't take it.

  4. The fiber is pretty! Do not let it go to waste, or the yarn gods will be angered.