Thursday, 31 March 2011

Where Are They Now? - 2KCBWDAY4

This is a bit of an emergency blog post, a car crashed in to the telegraph pole out side my house (no one was hurt except the pole) so I have no internet access at home at the moment - I find myself with access for a short time now so I'm going to be quick - I really don't want to miss a day of blog week!

I only knit gifts for people who will appreciate the time, effort and love it takes and I'm lucky enough that most of my immediate family fall in to this category. I still have to choose my knits wisely - my mother will not wear hand knitted socks but she will love a scarf or mittens, my boyfriend loves socks but won't wear a fair isle hat... and so on...

I took a quick photo of my mum's coat hooks

Left to right, a scarf I knitted from Wendy Fusion, a Lacy Baktus and an Abbegale

She wears these often and that makes me happy.

Also today is the release date of my Forks Socks, this pattern is now available for anyone to buy

These were the first socks in the When Vampires Knit Socks Club, I can't believe it was six months ago! Sign ups are still open for the next 3 months here


  1. Moms are such great women. They truly love and appreciate all that that goes into a knitted project.

  2. Your mum's coat rack looks so great with all the hand-knits! It's so nice to knit for someone who appreciates and wears the item.