Monday, 11 April 2011

Ianthe Socks

This is my new pattern - Ianthe (Rav Link)

They are designed using The Knitting Goddess Take 5 sock yarn, so they are stripey, there seem to have been a lot of stripes in my knitting lately (and there is more to come soon). These are lacey and delicate but also have strong lines, they are perfect for summer, which is good because spring has arrived with a bang here and the last few days have been hot and sunny - although at the start of last week I was wearing a woolen scarf so I'm not ruling out the return of the cold horrible weather!

The Purple pair are colourway Chocolate Box and the green pair are colourway Meadow - I love green, more than any other colour, the greens in this set are so gorgeous, olive and moss and deep forest green, I loved knitting with them.

You can also knit this pattern in just one colour - this pair are The Knitting Goddess Merino Nylon Sock in the Birthstone Club colour Aquamarine - this is my sisters favourite colour so these are a gift to her (also as a thank you for modelling for the photos!)

You can buy the pattern here

And the lovely Take 5 yarn is here - my particular favourites in the shop at the moment are Aqua and Not Just Pretty

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  1. Just finished these in Knitting Goddess apple pie ice cream & custard and they look very scrumptious. We need lacy patterns for summer