Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Coming along nicely...

I'm making good progress with my spindle spinning, when I first decided to learn I had grand ideas of spinning something I could knit socks with. It took me a while to spin a fine enough single so that when it was turned in to a 3-ply yarn it resembled something like a fingering weight, but I can do that now so the next challenge was to find a fibre suitable for socks - I don't want to put in all that effort and then wear a hole in them!


I got a sample batt from HilltopCloud and had a practice, this is the result - it's only a 2ply but it's fine enough to be sock yarn if it was a 3ply. The fibre is British Shetland wool, Merino and Trilobal Nylon, the nylon will help the socks wear well, although I may use a commercial sock yarn for the high wear areas (heels & toes), it depends what yardage I get.


This is the fibre which will eventually be socks! Three different shades of pumpkin orange - 1 for each ply, these are pick n mix batts, 35g each. I'll be spinning them as soon as I've finished what I've got on my spindle at the moment....

Which is this:


Yes, it's a SAL/KAL (Spin-a-long/Knit-a-long) with the Knit Girllls - not content with joining in and committing to knitting something within a specific time frame (and mostly failing), this time I've committed to spinning some fibre AND THEN knitting it in to something within a specific time frame. Deluded. Yes.


Anyway, it's lovely fibre from Cloudlover and it's spinning up beautifully, the colours are stunning. I'm aiming for a light fingering 2ply and all I can do is AIM.....


  1. Nice job on the spinning!
    LOVE those pumpkin hues.

  2. Oh I'm jealous. I spin terribly and don't have the patience to get better. Your work is lovely!

  3. Those are stunning! I can't imagine being good enough at spinning to make yarn with a purpose in mind. Weel done!

  4. Wow, your spinning is fantastic now, my spindle spinning is nowhere near that consistent, mind you I usually only spin at craft fairs so I'm constantly putting my spindle down and picking it up again!

  5. The fibre on your spindle is gorgeous! And beautifully spun too :)

    I love the pumpkins!