Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Once upon a time.....

The other day I was asked when I started knitting and I remembered the scarf I knitted when I was about 16 and I remembered I still had it somewhere or other so I dug about and found it!


I made the pattern up as I went along, randomly striping the colours and using knit and purl patterns for texture. I have no idea what the yarn was, something inexpensive and quite possibly acrylic but I has worn well - I know it went through the wash several times (probably after I dipped it in my dinner).


Is it perfect? - No. It curls in on itself like only stocking stitch can and it's not as warm and cuddly as a more wool heavy blend yarn might have been but I still quite like it and it will be making appearances around my neck over the rapidly approaching winter months......


  1. I like it too. Can't beat random blue stripes!!

  2. Awesome.
    The other day I was stash diving and came across the first bit of knitting I ever made! It was knit in a variegated acrylic yarn in christmas colors and there were tons of weird increases and split stitches, and areas where "something" happened. It wasn't even bound off. I had simply removed it from the needles.
    Your blast from the past is much more impressive. It totally looks like you planned out that stripe sequence.

  3. It's awesome! Love those colors. How cool that you still have it.