Monday, 14 November 2011

A Year of Socks....

This is what a year of my life looks like in socks:


That's all 12 pairs of socks from the When Vampires Knit Socks club and I loved every minute of designing and knitting them!


You can get all 12 patterns as an eBook for £20 (which is less than half what the individual patterns cost)

I'm excited to see Breaking Dawn at the cinema this week but I'm also excited for next years sock club which has been announced in the Knitting Goddess group on Ravelry, we're doing books again but this time it's Terry Pratchett's Disc World. These are some of my very favourite books and they contain an absolute wealth of inspirational characters, themes and settings which will make for such a fun club, I think places will open on Friday but if you want the inside track the best thing to do is to sign up to the newsletter.

It's going to be FUN!


  1. This is so pretty! Love your pile of socks.

  2. Oh my goodness! Pratchett in sock club form? When Joy said that I'd probably be more interested in next year's club, she was not wrong. *flail*

    I wonder if I can convince the husband to get me the club for my birthday/Christmas present.

  3. Your year looks pretty dang awesome!!!

  4. Your Twilight inspired socks are so dang amazing! I'm glad to have picked up a copy of the ebook. After I finish my Monkey socks, I intend to knit one of the designs!

  5. I love all your socks! I am just knitting my first one :)