Wednesday, 12 September 2012


I have documented my compulsion to JOIN IN before. I like to join in. I like Knit-a-longs, I like mystery knits, I like themes and I like a challenges (or QUESTS as I have recently been calling them).

I like all of these things, but generally I'm not very good at them. I get distracted, have too many deadlines and usually don't finish on time (if at all).

One of my favourite challenge/KAL type things is the Sockdown in the Sock Knitters Anonymous group, I haven't had time to participate for a while but I used to love it. There are techniques and featured designers for each month, so there is always a lot of choice, the underlying idea behind the group is to challenge yourself so you can tailor your choices to what you find challenging.

This year I'm honoured to be a featured designer in October and I'm designing a mystery sock for them in January. The theme that month is Flora and Fauna, I'm trying to choose my yarn, at the moment I'm hovering between these three greens (I don't need an excuse to knit more green socks but if one comes along like this I won't say no!). It could be I go in a completely different direction though, you'll have to wait until January to find out...


If you like sock knitting you should go and join in, it really is fun, no one will shout at you if you don't finish a pair and if you succeed you'll have a pair of socks to show for it (or many pairs depending on how successful you are!)

I'm also joining in with the Local KAL which is part of The Fat Squirrel Speaks podcast, the reasons for joining in are thus:

1. I love her face.

2. I need a warm hat, I'm going to Shetland soon and Jen tells me 'It's always hat weather in Shetland'.

3. I like the idea of supporting local businesses and I've got this lovely alpaca yarn from a day I spent at Toft Alpaca a few years ago.


It's about 50 miles from me and it's such a lovely place, full of lovely alpacas and lovely people and of course lovely yarn. My hat will be simple and stripy and WARM.


  1. I so like all your yummy yarn! That super light green just totally catches my eye but they're all wonderful.

  2. I love the alpaca yarn, I've got about six balls of grey alpaca wool sitting in my house. It's been waiting to be turned into a scarf for about a year and a half now, maybe I'll actually do it this winter! (probably not though.)

    Loving your work!