Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Van Gogh Sock 2 - Progress!

I've started my second Van Gogh sock! (This is the second of eight I had intended to finish by the end of this year, now extended to next year.)


This is the Cafe Terrace 5431 colour, I can't tell you how much I love this yarn. I love it so much I'm sitting on my hands to stop myself buying 5 (or 10) more balls of it so when this pair of socks wears out (and this is Opal sock yarn so it will probably last a LONG time) I can knit another pair and never be without a pair of Cafe Terrace socks. I need a stash of this colour, even if it never gets used, I need to KNOW I have it, just is case.


Look how beautiful the cuff is, all those little stars....


  1. I definitely see the inspiration! :)
    If you need some more inspiration check out the free Van Gogh quote subway art printables available here:

  2. I knit the cafe terrace this year as well and I love looking at the finished pair.

  3. I love how this sock yarn is coming out. I'll have to hunt for some at Stitches West next Feb.

  4. Your stitch definition is great (and good picture). I am off to look at sock yarns as you have inspired me.