Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween & Hats


Carving pumpkins is always harder than you think it's going to be!

I'M JOINING IN AGAIN, because that's what I do. This time it's the Woolly Wormhead Mystery Hat, I've knitted some of her hats before, mystery and non-mystery and they always turn out brilliantly and are so well written, I needed very little encouragement to join in this year.

The mystery hat calls for sport-weight or light DK and at first I thought I didn't have anything suitable, I thought about it for about 5 minutes and came up with a few possibilities, when I went to look at my stash I found several options. (This is what I call stash-amnesia and usually results in me buying yarn without even looking). These were are the 4 I've got to decide from:


I'm leaning towards the reddish Malabrigo Arroyo on the end, I think it would fit nicely into my in-use hat pile...



  1. Mmmm that Malabrigo looks lovely. I can't wait to see the finished hat. I won't be joining because I am rubbish at finishing what I have started at KAL's at the mo!
    Your pumpkins are fab.

  2. I've signed up for the Woolly Wormhead KAL but I'm struggling to find some yarn that matches the gauge. Might have to do some surfing :)