Monday, 29 October 2012

Tombolo Tombolo

When I was in Shetland I visited St Ninian's Isle:


It's a tied island, connected by a tombolo - a thin strip of land created by wave refraction. It's very beautiful and very cool display of scientific theory in action.

These mittens were inspired by my visit: Tombolo



I used The Knitting Goddess 4ply high twist sock yarn in a lovely slate blue, it's a great yarn with fantastic stitch definition. You can get the pattern and the yarn to make your very own pair here.

The mittens have a ribbed cuff which leads to an undulating cables and twisted stitches. The pattern includes instructions for both fingerless and full mittens.

Size: 8”/20.5cm hand circumference

Full Mittens: 11”/28cm total length 7”/18cm length from beginning of palm to tip

Fingerless Mitts: 8”/20.5cm total length 4”/10cm length from beginning of palm to bind of edge


As always, I'd love to see your mittens in the Coop Knits ravelry group!

(I'm sure I once knew a song with a lyric 'tombolo, tombolo' in it somewhere, it might have been a French song, I can't remember anymore of it and my google-fu has failed. I sang 'Tombolo, Tombolo' in my head and out loud for the majority of our stay.)

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