Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Una and her especially pretty heels

The Una sock pattern is now available:


They were part of the Biscotte & Cie club, the inspiration came from Neil Gaimans fabulous novel Stardust. The character Una gives a glass snowdrop to her son to protect him and this lead to the snowdrop lace pattern which runs down the leg and foot, the extended cuff has a twisted stitch, jewel motif which also appears on the rather special afterthought heel.


I find this afterthought heel fits me better than a short-row heel, it's a nice solution to the problem of a heel flap and gusset interrupting the sequence of a striping yarn. I'm looking forward to seeing what colour combinations these socks get knitted in, you'll need about 50g each of two colours of sock yarn.

I've got 2 socks, not a pair, 2 different socks waiting for afterthought heels and this will be the type I do when I get to them:


Thats one Van Gogh sock and one *ahem* Eurovision sock, the second socks are both on the needles - it's all downhill from here!

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