Monday, 8 April 2013

One hat, many heads...

I was going to blog every week day in April. Then I went to Wales for a little holiday and there was no access to internet and no phone signal. So I'm going to blog every week day left in April from now.

My book is about to be published, it is imminent, I'm so excited for everyone to see it. We took some of the photos on a cold day in February in Lyme Regis. I love Lyme Regis, I went there when I was a child and my first holiday with my then-boyfriend-now-husband was there.

I love it there but it was COLD. Really COLD. Several people in the planning stages said something along the lines of 'Wrap up warm', good advice but ever the idiot, when I arrived at Jen's the day before the shoot I had to admit I'd forgotten to bring my coat. Luckily I had brought a wool cardigan my sister gave me that weighs about 3 stone but has amazing insulating properties.

I also had my trusty yellow Puffin Apple hat, my most loved and most worn hat. It started the day on my head, here's me and Jen, both in our Puffin Apples:

I was still wearing it (and my amazing wool cardi) when I had to forcibly remove a blanket from around Jeni who had kindly agreed to model for me:

Part of my job was to try to stop my models from developing hypothermia in the summery dresses I had chosen for the shoot, so I donated my hat to the cause here:

And here:

We had a great day, got some fantastic shots, not long before I can show the world!!


  1. Love it! And I feel cold just remembering the weather that day! :D

  2. We must have been in Lyme Regis around the same time - we were there for Feb half term and specially at the end it was very chilly!
    I first went to Lyme Regis with my-then-boyfriend-later-husband-now-ex-husband (still with me? ;-) and for the past 10 years or so I've been every year with my dad and my children. I love it down there, would move down there in a shot if I had the money for a house there!