Friday, 24 June 2011

I can KAL with the best of them!

So last night I rearranged all my active WIPs (there are many,many,many inactive ones, what can I say, I like to start things!) in to co-ordinating knitting bags. It was bothering me that some things, for example some lace, delicate, pink socks I'm working on were in a black bag with skulls on, I wasn't feeling the juxtaposition so I moved things round a bit

This is the result


Now I'm happier, it's the little things......

I cast on for a Hitchhiker last night, I've been looking at this pattern for a while and my original plan was to pick up a skein of variegated wollmeise at Knit Nation in a few weeks and use that but then it was chosen as one of the patterns for the Goth Sock Groupies KAL and if there is one thing I can't resist it's a KAL! (That's not quite true anymore, I'm a lot better than I used to be now I have deadline knitting and I can't just do what I like all the time, an example is the A-Z Sock KAL happening in the UK Sock Knitters group, I wanted to join in SO BAD but even I'm not crazy enough to think I can knit 26 pairs of socks in a year on top of all my design work).

But, because I wanted to knit the pattern, I had some Goth Socks yarn which will look amazing in this pattern and I want to join in, I took this to be the universes way of telling me to join in.....

'What do they call it when everything intersects? The Bermuda Triangle.' (I might have mashed that line up a bit, it's been a long time since I saw the film, 5 points to you if you know what film it's from)


So this is what I managed last night while I was catching up on Game of Thrones, on a side note - I'm glad I had my knitting to look at because there is some GORE in that show. The yarn is Asphodel base which is 100% merino and the colour is Louder than Bombs. Its so so so bright, I love it. The pattern is great, it took a few repeats for the rhythm to sink in but I can pretty much do it without looking at the pattern now (I did purl across the row a couple of times and then swear and tink back but I think I've managed to overcome that particular repetitive act of stupidity)

I'm confident I can get it finished by the end of July deadline. I used to join in a lot of KALs, finish them..... not so much. A large proportion of my inactive WIPs are the products of failed KALs, one of which is these Portland Gussets


The yarn is Three Irish Girls Springvale Sock - lovely, bouncy yarn and the colour is a smokey petrol blue called Smoke and Mirrors (it was a club colour)

I started them in November I think, but it could have been before then, and I think it was a KAL in the Sock Yarnista group, I finished one and cast on the toe of the second, but then my attention span got the better of me and some thing distra.... ooh shiny..... you get the picture. Then at the beginning of May I noticed there was a KAL for this pattern starting in the Three Irish Girls group, mainly I think for the people going to Sock Summit, which is in Portland. I'm not going to Sock Summit, although I wish I was (I wish really hard I was but short of a lottery win it's not going to happen, one day maybe...). I joined in again, knit a bit then stopped.


It's an illness.

But I really want to get these done so I'm setting myself the deadline of 28th July as thats when Sock Summit is happening.

I'm confident I can do it

(But the world won't end if I don't)

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  1. Glad to see someone else with so many WIPs. I don't think I could cope with one project at a time.