Saturday, 18 June 2011

Raindrops on roses...

It was my birthday last week and I had some lovely presents, these are a few of my favourite things....

One of my sisters brought some Laduree macarons back from France for me. They were divine. I totally ruined my diet but it was totally worth it, the peach flavoured one (a seasonal special) was worthy of extra mention, it was delicious!

Continuing the French theme (and also the peach one) she also gave me a coral/peach Chanel lipgloss, perfect for the summer and not at all sticky like some lipgloss can be.

Mr Coopknits gave me a lapdesk which is a comfy tray like device for making laptop use more comfortable, he also gave me a light for my Kindle. I've wanted one of these for a while but didn't want one which plugged directly in to the Kindle and so drained the otherwise impressive battery life, this one has it's own battery and clips on independently - perfect!

My smallest sister gave me these Converse All Stars, I love them but I'm scared to wear them because they are so WHITE, I'm afraid I'll ruin them, I'm waiting for a sunny day, fingers crossed we get one soon or I won't be able to resist - you can put them in the washing machine, right?

Knitting related presents were noticeably absent, I think this a not-so-subtle nod towards the size of my stash, well no matter, Knit Nation is in a few weeks.....

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