Wednesday, 15 June 2011

More stripes and more to come...

A whole lot of my knitting lately has featured stripes, self striping yarn and manual stripes - the latter involves much end-weaving-in but I find that quite relaxing

The return of the Chakra colours to the Knitting Goddess shop inspired me to knit my third pair of Mixalot socks and the fact I failed to pack my deadline knitting for my trip to the festival meant I got a whole sock finished!


Its got a slightly shorter leg than the others, the mini skein set is 70g and I wanted to be on the safe side but because I had about 40g of black for toes, heels and cuffs I did a longer cuff which almost makes up the difference.


I love the way these are working out, the colours are so clever, each main colour featuring in the two either side, the sole of the sock is super pretty



I *need* the full skein versions of these colours but I've got a sneaky suspicion I may have some of them already buried in the stash....


  1. Noooooo- I've just fallen in love with these and Joy's got the set in stock....