Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Points, Pink, Prunus and a Pattern

I've made some progress on my Hitchhiker....


I've got 19 pointy bits now based on what other people with a similar yardage have got, I think I'll get about 35 pointy bits on the finished scarf, I'm rationing how much I knit on it because it's addictive and I've got other things I have to do but I still love everything about it, the yarn, the pattern, the pooling/flashing that I'm starting to get, I just know I'm going to love wearing it

One of the other things I had to do was get a new pattern reading for release:

These are Prunus Socks


They are delicate lacy socks inspired by the blossom on the apple trees in my garden, with a colourwork flower section and a petal and wrapped stitch bud pattern travelling down the front and the back, framed by an eyelet pattern which reminds me of the petals tumbling from the branches in the breeze.

These socks have been jumping around in my head for a while, fruit trees in blossom are one of my favourite things and I'm lucky enough to have several apple trees and a pear tree in my garden, I took this photo earlier in the year


I chose some Knitting Goddess Merino Nylon Sock in the colour Semi Solid Dog Rose because it reminded me of these lovely delicately pink petals, and although I'm generally not a pink person (but I don't discriminate against any colour) I really love this shade, it's not bubblegum pink, it's soft and fresh and lovely.

For the colourwork section and contrast cuff I used 2 mini skeins (also from The Knitting Goddess) in Navy. There are increases before the colourwork, this means that the lack of ‘give’ in the stranded pattern can be overcome, the decreases before the leg will ensure the sock fits well. You could also go up a needle size for this section if you were worried about your tension but I didn't.

I've started another pair in Semi Solid Sage and used undyed mini skeins for the contrast


They are turning out rather lovely!


  1. love the socks!! and the shawl up top! Beautiful work!

  2. Love the Hitchhiker, seen a few around in blogland and it looks a fab pattern. I may be tempted to sacrifice some stash for it.