Friday, 1 July 2011

Socks fit for a palace.....

Maybe not the kind of palace you'd like to visit though....

My Volturi Palace Sock pattern is now available to buy:


These are toe-up socks with a bit of stranded colourwork, a bit of lace and a bit of cabling, bit of everything really. There are increases before the colourwork detail on the cuff so you don't have to worry about it not going over your heel (although I would still recommend knitting this section loosely).


This sock is inspired by the room in which Bella meets the Volturi after travelling to Italy to save Edward. It is not described in detail in the book, but the set which was designed and built for the film draws on Tuscan Renaissance architecture with cream and green marble, columns and clean lines. The light, airy space is a contrast to the dark and dangerous Aro. These socks have green toes which have curves leading in to the cream marble columns and carvings. The cuff has a pattern inspired by the one of the tiled patterns on the floor of the chamber.


Even if you don't like Twilight (and I know some people don't!) the main inspiration for these socks is beautiful Italian architecture - whats not to like about that? These are among my favourite socks of all time (just don't tell the others, it'll hurt their feelings)

You can get the yarn I used from The Knitting Goddess - if it sells out she will probably dye more at some point, she's nice like that.


  1. They're gorgeous, I love the detailing :) Bit advanced for me at the moment, but I think I should give them a go soon!

  2. Love those socks! I found you through Kepanie and following you now.

  3. Just an amazing concept to present in socks! I love this design and the Wolf Pack w/its symbolism. You're so clever and a total sock fiene!