Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Are we nearly there yet??

I'm getting ready for Knit Nation, it's only a week and a bit away now and I'm a bit excited!

I went last year and it was brilliant, I couldn't say a negative thing about it (except I wish it lasted a week!), it was well organised, friendly and fun. The class I did was informative and interesting and the marketplace was small but perfectly formed. I am anticipating this year will be just as good, if not better because I'll be there everyday this time!

I'm being hyper-organised and collecting together all the things I need for my classes

I'm doing Introduction to Top Whorl Spindling on Saturday afternoon, Photographing Your Fibre and Lace Edgings on Sunday. There's a spindle from HandSpinner for the spinning class (I have sort of taught myself to spin already, I was a bit impatient to learn! But I'm sure I'll still learn a lot!), spare batteries for my camera in the photography class, and some left over Baby Ull and 3.5mm tips for the lace class.

I have got at least one set of 3.5mm tips already but the only ones I could find were attached to my Shipwreck Shawl.

I know that they are interchangeable and this means that you can unscrew them, put the nifty little caps on the end and use the needle elsewhere

I also KNOW that if I remove the needle tips from this shawl, the already slim chance that it will EVER get finished will evaporate.

So I ordered another set from P2tog.

There is method in my madness.... (or more likely madness in my method)

There are a few more bits and pieces I need but I'm nearly ready, if you're going to Knit Nation and you see me (I will probably wear a badge of some sort with CoopKnit on it) say Hello, I would love to put faces to names or just meet new people!


  1. I'm so jealous of anyone going to Knit Nation. If only I could manage the trip. Squish some yarn for me.