Monday, 11 July 2011

Louder than a Hitchhiker...

I've finished my Hitchhiker Scarf! I've had my eye on the pattern for a while and when I saw a KAL was happening in the GothSocks group on Ravelry, I was helpless to resist! The pattern is simple but clever and addictive, once I had about 15 points I rationed myself to knitting 2 points a day to ensure I got other things done - otherwise I would have neglected everything else and knit this all day! I got 40 points in total, I've got a small ball of yarn left but my scales are broken so I don't know exactly how much but I would guess about 3 grams.


The yarn is a delight to knit with and the colours are beautiful and so bright! I know some people are not big fans of garter stitch but I love it, it's so squishy and warm.


I blocked it in the sunshine on Saturday morning, it dried in record time - in fact I spent longer looking for my blocking pins than it took for the scarf to dry. I looked and looked, couldn't find them, used dressmaking pins instead, remembered they were in a safe, sensible place in my knitting bag which is so unusual for me I didn't even bother looking there. I scare myself sometimes.


Here I am wearing it, taking my own photo so it's not perfect but I can't tell you how much I love this, I might even break my 'never knit the same pattern twice' rule for it!


  1. That is fabulous. That pattern is on my must knit list. Every version I've seen, I've loved. There is something about garter stitch that softens striping and variegation in a way that I love.

  2. You picked an amazing colorway. It turned out so awesome w/those points! So cute on you.

  3. What a great scarf...I have an Attack of the wantsies!

  4. This is lovely and the colours are gorgeous! Have a rosenrot Wollmeise hitchhiker started but found it a bit boring - you have now encouraged me to get on with it!!

  5. This is beautiful! A great color on you!

  6. i love your scarf but i love your frames even better. Who makes them???