Thursday, 21 July 2011

Knit Nation - Part 2 The one where I learn to spin.....

On Saturday afternoon I attended 'Introduction to Top Whorl Spindling' with Carol and Pete Leonard. In October I took a spinning class and failed miserably, I didn't give up but I got very frustrated, watching 'Respect the Spindle' and trying some fibre bumps from HilltopCloud resulted in a breakthrough and I was able to 'park and draft' (which means I could spin the spindle and draft the fibre but not at the same time).

This class consolidated everything I knew and I can now spin! (small round of applause) Here is what I produced in the class:


Two little skeins of slightly thick and thin but most definitely YARN.

The class was great, the teachers were friendly and knowledgable, I also learnt how to ply and was inspired by the lovely finished items knitted from spindle spun yarn which were on display


Inspired, I visited the market place and bought a braid of fibre from Old Maiden Aunt, I started spinning in on Saturday night and even managed a bit on the train journey home on Sunday, this is my progress:



The fibre is black shetland and tussah silk and it's really lovely, I think I'll probably knit it up in to arm warmers and maybe stripe it with something else.

To practice plying I finished spinning the little samples that Megan from The Thylacine very kindly sent me:



Not perfect but it's ok, I did get in a tangle towards the end and had to abandon a little bit, I couldn't save it from it's knotty fate.

I'm really pleased that I've conquered a new skill and you can expect lots more spinning from me in the future!


  1. Wow that is ace!! I have a spindle but I struggle with the whole drafting thing. I'm fine when someone is standing next to me but as soon as I am left alone, I am incapable. Maybe I should have another go. Your yarn looks fab. Well done!

  2. Ooh that's great, I've just started drop-spindling as well. The Old Maiden Aunt yarn is looking amazing!

  3. How fun for you to venture out.

  4. Your spinning is waaaay better than my first attempt! Have you tried using a wheel yet? I find the spindle easier to manage.

  5. This is something I want to have a go at this Summer - i'm really impressed with how uniform yours looks, lovely colours too x