Friday, 8 July 2011

A (Knit) Night to Remember

Last night I went to Knit Night at a brand new yarn shop, I would use the word local, it's a 30 minute drive each way so i don't know if it really counts as local but it's totally worth the drive!

I've been looking for a Knit Night to go to for ages and I'm always jealous when people say they've been to one. I had high hopes for the Fibre Flurry shop in Kings Norton and I wasn't disappointed at all. The shop is lovely, lots of great brands including The Knitting Goddess, NDS, Babylonglegs and Excelana (I've been wanting to have a look at that one and I'll definitely be investing in some soon!), a nice selection of books, bags, buttons and needles and a seating area.

As for the actual Knit Night bit, everyone was lovely and friendly, there was laughter, chat and cake - and the cake was delicious! There were quite a few summer shawls being worked on, I was knitting my Hitchhiker, it's a perfect knit and chatter pattern (I'm planning on casting it off later tonight).

One of attendees had the most fantastic crochet bag I've ever seen

One side has intricate realistic fruit and the other has the same fruit but in natural colours and a crochet pencil colouring in one of the raspberries, the creativity is astounding, she explains all on her Rav page here (I got lost in her projects for a while, I WISH I could crochet!)

Of course, I didn't come away empty handed! I got a Zauberball in mustard and various grey/browns, a skein of Babylonglegs in a deep blue and a tiny ball of Opal that is too cute for words!

I will be going regularly and I would recommend it to anyone who lives close enough!


  1. What a fun night for you! I wish I had time to sneak off to a knit night.
    Is Zauberball a popular sock yarn brand b/c I won one in a blogiversary giveaway.

  2. It takes me up to 40 mins to get to Baa Ram Ewe in Leeds for knit night, admittedly only around 15-20 to get back because the traffic is so much better, but some people travel much further. So I reckon Fibre Flurry is definitely local for you.

  3. Before the FF knit night my 'local' knit night was a hour and 40 min drive!! And it took me 20 mins to drive just 5 miles, so this is certainly 'local' for you x