Friday, 23 September 2011

Am I a Fibreholic?


Last week I received a lovely parcel of 20g samples of fibre from Fibreholics. It's a group of independent dyers who each contribute a set of samples which then get made in to sets and sent out. If you want to know when the bags go on sale, sign up for the newsletter (or spend too much time on Twitter like me). This is what is got:


There are some lovely bits in there, I'm particularly excited about some Norwegian Wool from Fondant Fibres (top row, second form the left), some naturally dyed merino from HillTopCloud (top row, far right) and some BFL/Tussah from MandaCrafts (bottom row, second from the right)

I've haven't got a spindle free at the moment though so it will have to wait a bit. Each sample is 20g so I was thinking of knitting a striped hat or mittens with the resulting yarn, or maybe I will get around to that fantastic cardigan I want to knit.......


  1. I love these fibreholic parcels, i've used some for my Beekeeper's Quilt and i'm making presents for Christmas with some. I love the cardigan, lovely pattern x

  2. That all looks so yummy! (and I don't even spin!). I like the idea of Fibreholics.

  3. Hi Coop!
    I am pleased you are enjoying the fibreholics packs, the Norwegian is one of my fave fibres to dye and spin. The cardi looks great to spin for too!
    Happy spinning
    Deborah (Fondantfibre)