Monday, 19 September 2011

I've been at it again....

Joining in.


First up, the Portland Gussets from the last KAL post. They are still not finished. But in my defence they are nearly finished, I've been knitting these at Knit Night and while they are not great for social knitting, too many charts and concentration required, I've been making (slow) progress and they should be finished this week.


In August I joined in the WestKnits mystery shawl, I love a good mystery KAL and this was a good one! I started knitting with (from stash) three colours of Knitting Goddess sock yarn in blue, silver and walnut.


I had a beach in mind when I chose the colours and I'm happy with the way they work together and with the pattern. This was the project I worked on most on holiday and it hasn't been out of the bag since I got back (hence the crumpled vision of loveliness it is in this photo)


I will get this finished, hopefully soon, I'm knitting the large size and I'm looking forward to wearing it to the cinema where it is always cold - I hope it will be big enough to me a kind of mini blanket to snuggle under.

There is a Halloween KAL in the GothSocks group so I've joined in (I'm beyond help at this point) and cast on some Gothy Gauntlets using a skein of GothSocks in a Dark and Twisty colourway, which means it's not a regular colourway but an experiment or overdye and you don't know what you'll get before it arrives.


When this arrived I was in love with it, I've been after a black stripey with green in it and that's what I got, I'm even more in love with the way it's knitting up:


These will be elbow length and I'm hoping to finish them before I go and watch the American Football at Wembley in October, last time I was so cold I wore a pair of knee high socks (I had bought earlier in the day) on my hands - it will be much more convenient to be able to use my fingers and thumbs.


  1. Each project is awesome! I love the socks w/those running diagonal lines. I love how you were inspired by the beach for your shawl. That is cool, freakin' yarn for Halloween!

  2. The shawl is lovely. The colors work very well together. The yarn for the gauntlets is awesome!

  3. I love the goth yarn!! It is fab, I need some. The socks are fab too and I am loving the idea of a blanket for the cinema. Why is it always so cold in there??

  4. your gothy gauntlets yarn is fab!