Friday, 9 September 2011

Holiday Souvenirs

I didn't bring back much from Ibiza, I didn't go to many shops - I didn't even look for a yarn shop, I know exactly how well a visit to buy yarn would have gone down with my family (Hint: NOT WELL AT ALL), but we did visit a Hippy Market


I think there are a few of these markets at different places on the island of different days, this was quite a big one and we arrived at about 10am when it was just getting started. There were a lot of stalls and quite a few were selling what I would affectionally call 'tat'. There were a few local artists and makers and these stalls were great, I didn't take any photos apart from the one above of the book stall because it got HOT and BUSY and I had miserable children to contend with.

My favourite seller had lampshades made from giant bamboo stalks with holes drilled and patterns cut out, the man making them said it was important to him that the item would be used for longer than it took to grow the bamboo which I thought was a great philosophy to have.


I bought these little handles, I have no idea what I'm going to use them for - I just think they are pretty!


Of course, you can't come back from Ibiza (or anywhere Spanish) without enough Maria biscuits to feed a small army and some Sangria (which I will be drinking long, mixed with Cava and fruit), it's the law.

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