Friday, 16 September 2011

What is the opposite to green?


There's probably a actual answer to that question or maybe there isn't, but the fact remains that, for me at least, the opposite to green (my favourite) is pink (my least favourite)

I don't actively dislike any colour but I don't really wear pink. At all. Ever. (Except socks - one of my favourite pairs of socks are pink).

This week I received a parcel which presents me with something of a dilemma, my sister very generously bought me a subscription to the Woolgirl Victorian Writers Club for Christmas and this is latest instalment:


It's 2 skeins of Malabrigo Lace in an exclusive colourway that is very very pink. The yarn is soft and the colour is very pretty, I just can't imagine wearing anything I might knit with it. I can't imagine anyone I love enough to knit 2 skeins of laceweight for wearing it either. I could try and swap it for a different colour but part of me is reluctant to do that.

I might let it mature in my stash for a bit (realistically I was never going to knit with it straight away, too many deadlines!) and see if my feelings toward pink change...

(The bag and all the other little extras that came with the package are very lovely)


  1. That is so very pink! I love it. I guess you will eventually swap it, or give it as a gift to a pinker person?

  2. I don't wear pink, but love pink combined with green, especially leaf green or lime green!

  3. They'd be cute w/all black on or dark blue jeans.

  4. It is very pink but it looks very nice with the green. Perhaps something striped? A Cladonia shawl?

  5. Pink IS opposite to green, in a technical sense. It's the colour directly opposite it in the colour wheel (or, rather, red is, but pink is light red in the same sense that light green is, er, light green.)

    Anyway, red is a primary colour and the oppsite colour is a secondary colour made up of the other two primaries, so in this case blue + yellow = green.

    The pink and green look beautiful together. Nature wouldn't have made so many of it's most beautiful flowers pink if it didn't look wonderful with green.

    1. Thats true, I never thought of it in that way! I wonder if thats why they are at opposite ends of my 'like' spectrum?