Wednesday, 14 September 2011

It's not easy being (addicted to) green....

Yesterday found me rooting about in my stash for the 'perfect' green sock yarn. I need it for a sock I'm designing. This will be the third design currently on my needles using green sock yarn. I pulled out anything I thought might be suitable, this is the result:


The worst part is this isn't all the green yarn in my stash, it's not even all the green sock yarn in my stash - it's what I could put my hands on quickly and that I thought would suit the design. * Sigh *

Today i read this blog post about yellow (I have also got a soft spot for yellow but green is my first love), I thought I'd share my colour obsession too. I love green (and I love sock yarn), my eyes are green and so are my kitchen and bedroom.

When I buy yarn I try not to buy any more green - sometimes I fail though.


  1. you've got the yummiest greens! please put them in your Ravelry stash that I may ogle and fondle (virtually).
    but seriously, that is one decadent basket of sock yarn.

  2. I love green and have lots of green yarn in my stash. I'm also building up quite a stash of blue since starting my Beekeeper's quilt!

  3. I love green too although I can't wear a green beanie. I have some great Madtosh sock yarn in green. Can't wait to use it one day.

  4. Oh I have tons of green myself...tends to be the color I am attracted to and pick up first...I love all shades of green...