Tuesday, 13 September 2011

That's what little girls are made of...

One of the knitting projects I worked on while I was on my holiday was this baby cardigan, I made it for a friend who had a baby girl a few days before I went away.


I used a Knitting Goddess club skein from last year with shades of peachy pink, yellow and hot pink and some light pink pearly buttons and the pattern is Sunnyside. It's a great pattern, quick and easy and knitted in one piece from the top down so only a tiny tiny bit of sewing up under the arms. I went to Mothercare and bought a couple of dresses to match it. I knitted it in the 6 month size and I bought the dresses in 6-9 months, I like to make/buy bigger for babies because:

1. They grow fast

2. They tend to get out and about more and need 'proper' clothes (not just onesies) when they are a bit older

3. New parents get a LOT of new clothes so I try to spread the love over a range of sizes



I had a snuggle with the new arrival and it was lovely but the antidote to this is the (oh so slightly) crazed sleep deprived look in the eyes of my friend, I like sleep.


There are still a few places left for the Christmas Club, yummy DK yarn, lovely patterns for gifts and decorations, recipes and treats - all the details are here. It's going to be great fun and a fabulous way to get a kick start on your Christmas knitting.


  1. Oh it's just beautiful! I bet your friend was over the moon with it. Totally love the colour choice too.

  2. That cardigan is beautiful! I love the co-ordinationg dresses too.